I love when people ask me what I do.  I tell them that I’m a Transformational Coach, and then wait for the follow up question – “What’s that?”  Well, what I do as a Transformational Coach is to help others change the way that they think; and I work with their unconscious (or subconscious) mind to do that.  Still confused?  Maybe I should take a step back and explain a bit about how our minds work. 

Did you know that 95 percent of the thoughts you have each day are done by your unconscious mind?  That means that you only have conscious control of five percent of your thoughts.  Think about it (no pun intended), do you consciously think about keeping your heart beating, digesting your last meal, or even how to walk across the room?  Or have you ever driven home and you were so focused on some big thought or plan that you had no recollection of driving most of the way home?  You were on auto pilot. 

You’ve become so well practiced at doing so many things that you can do them without thinking about them.  Most of the time, this ability is a great benefit.  Do you really want to have to stop what you’re doing so you can think about how to stand up, or would you rather it just happened when you are ready?  I thought so.   

The downside to this type of behavior comes when we have programed ourselves with some negative actions, beliefs or ideas.  I’m talking about things like self-doubt, lack of love, thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, habitually over eat or smoking.  It’s these ideas that many people would like to delete or reprogram.  The challenge is that these beliefs are programed into our unconscious mind, where we don’t have very easy access to them on our own.  This is where a Transformational Coach comes in. 

I have several methods to help you change those negative or outdated thought patters.  The one I use most often is hypnosis (you can read more about that at Just What is Hypnosis? ), that allows us to bypass your conscious mind and work directly with the thoughts buried in your unconscious mind.  While every person and belief is a little different, most can be transformed in as few as three to six sessions.   

Imagine how your life may be transformed by spending a few hours over a month or so changing that old idea that has been holding you back.  You could regain that self-confidence, shed those extra pounds for good, learn to love yourself (so you can truly love another), or change any thought patterns that just don’t serve you anymore.  Think about it, you could regain control of your thoughts… and maybe your life.